Enabling the next generation of clean mobility

The global mobility model is changing as the world demands more efficient vehicles, powered by renewable energy.

PeerByte is at the heart of the transport revolution.

Our mission is to enable fleet operators and vehicle manufacturers to reap the benefits of sustainable mobility – quickly and efficiently.

Developed by PeerByte’s engineers in the UK and Switzerland, our world-first Peerium technology enables the transition from analogue ICE architecture to software-controlled EVs.

Our modular operating system is brand-new and totally unique in the mobility market.

Hardware agnostic, Peerium integrates powertrain control systems and hardware of any type, from any manufacturer.

It can be used to power EVs, hybrids, BEVs, PHEVs and H2O cells – right up to fully-autonomous vehicles.

Peerium is easy to use, fast to deploy, secure and cost effective.

Our mobility solutions

We offer vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators three product solutions with the power of Peerium at their heart:

The Peerium
operating system

Range extension kits to convert ICE-powered vehicles to Peerium-managed electric or hybrid powertrains
Full development framework, including bespoke propulsion system design, hardware selection, testing and production